In the Malaysian Homestay programme, you will get to experience life in a kampung or traditional village. With an open mind, you will be exposed to a fascinating culture which can be expose in first hand experience.

The kampungs involved in the homestay programme are committed to ensure that visitors experience villag-style living first hand. All kampungs taking part in the homestay programme are carefully selected and comply with strict guidelins from the Ministry of Tourism in order to bring out the best of Malaysia.

The food you eat and the activities you engage in are all authentically Malaysian. Daily activities that take place at these kampungs include prepare food using traditional methods, going to the orchard to harvest fruits or feeding livestock in the farm.

Spend time with the children after they retun from school and indulge in games that are still popular in kampungs, like kite flying, top spinning and congkak. Alternatively, you can explore the natural surroundings.

In the evening, you will witness cultural dances, musical performances or even a mock wedding, all of which you will be encouraged to participate in. Here, you will experience  traditional Malaysian charm that has been preserved throughout the ages and is still very much alive.

Live with them. Eat with them. Be a part of the family. Homestay in Malaysia -  a memorable experience of traditional hospitality.

Lists of Homestays (to be updated)Edit

  • Kampung Sinisian
  • Kampung Patau-Patau
  • Kampung Teluk Melano
  • Kampung Relau
  • Mengkuang Titi
  • Kampung Pantai Suri
  • Kampung Raja
  • Kampung Sungai Pasu
  • Kampung Desa Murni
  • Kampung Pelegong
  • Kampung Seri Tanjung